As part of its mission, WDIA helps all of its members, partners and their clients comply with industry standards and international regulations. In this article, we will explore the normative architecture of WDIA and help you understand how to standardize our work.



Know your customer (KYC) is a banking and stock exchange regulation term for financial institutions and bookmakers, as well as other companies working with private money, meaning that they must identify and establish the identity of a counterparty before conducting a financial transaction.

The KYC requirement applies to obtaining reasonably complete information about counterparties — legal…

The digital world is perfectly adapting to global trends. The integration of a huge number of digital developments is non-stop and sometimes chaotic. Nevertheless, government agencies are trying not only to control and organize software products using Digital ID, but also, when passing the appropriate certification, use such developments for global purposes. Today we will try to concretize existing projects in the field of digital identity, as well as define standards that will determine the protection of confidential data and their secure use.

Existing digital identity projects

• Digital driver’s license projects (also known as mobile driver’s licenses) are gaining traction in countries such…

Digital identity (Digital ID, eID) has become one of the most significant technological trends on the planet in the 21st century. Indeed, for a growing number of stakeholders and citizens, this is already an everyday reality rather than a fear of a conspiracy of mass chipping of people. As a result, today we are witnessing a revolution in the way people interact with government agencies and other business entities, such as, for example, the World Digital identification association WDIA.

In this article, we’ll highlight five key digital identity trends that have begun to shape the digital ID world around us…

Dear friends, partners, current and future members of the WDIA association! We sincerely congratulate you on the New Year 2021! We hope this year will be the starting point for a new era of Digital ID! We wish you and your families health, longevity, happiness and joy in the coming year!

Best regards, your friendly WDIA team

Let’s look at the main ideas that have spread over the past four years as part of the development of the global Digital ID usage. Our survey will provide well-known national indicators to understand where we are headed.

• The United Nations (UN) and World Bank ID4D initiatives have set the goal of providing everyone on the planet with legal Digital ID status by 2030.

• At the ID2020 Summit in May 2016 in New York, the UN initiated discussions about digital identity, blockchain and cryptographic technologies, and their benefits for the homeless. …

The digital passport is a unique software that will increase the level of individual and corporate trust in the course of business relations during the period of exit from quarantine restrictions. The goal of the digital “health passport” is to reduce the fear and panic of illness, to encourage people around the world to return to normal life despite the pandemic.

At the moment, such a software shell with various levels of functionality is being tested in Switzerland, Estonia and Israel. What these developments have in common is that they do not collect and track contacts and patients via Bluetooth…

Biometric digital identification and documents with electronic chips cause distrust and apprehension in many people. Why are these technologies worry society so much and what makes even the populists of modern technologies become conservatives? Today we will look at the main fears of digital identification and try to debunk all the myths.

Why is digital ID no longer the future, but the present?

Digital biometric identification of a human is ideal. In fact, this is an integral part of a person as a biological system, a set of traits that are given to us from birth. Unlike a passport, driver’s…

The WDIA (World Digital Identification Association), headquartered in Geneva (Switzerland), began its activities in 2019. Having held a number of conferences and participated in various forums (including the international economic forum in Davos 2020), representatives of the association have repeatedly mentioned the non-commercial nature of WDIA’s activities: the use of funds from contributions is only targeted, and all unused funds must be sent to the reserve fund.

The main goal of WDIA is to create a single unified space for identifying personal data in a digital environment for all kinds of organizations, entrepreneurs, investors and other interested parties. A similar…

The digital ID evolution — as broad as it is dynamic — will continue to move forward. The citizen is the fundamental driver of these changes.

Millennials now make up a majority of employees and a growing proportion of total citizen populations. They are reshaping the culture of our institutions. Ultimately, this tech-savvy generation is being proved right.

The older generations, by finally joining in and adopting these forms of technology, can break out of their isolation, stay in contact, and preserve social and especially family bonds.

For 2018–2020, we see equally strong dynamics across the following three stages:

  • From…

The smart city will become our playground

Around the world, the shift of populations to urban environments is already one of the defining trends of the 21st century. Inevitably, technological developments are becoming inextricably linked with this mass migration.

The digital or the smart city​ is becoming the model that ensures consistency in all the links between urbanites, their wider communities and public authorities. This model includes, of course, eGovernment or mGovernment, within which digital identity is the key that unlocks the individual’s access to a rich array of services and support.

Or, to put it another way, the smart city is set to become our new…

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