How digital ID already works in different countries

How digital ID already works in different countries

To know more about digital ID, how it functions and what advantages it brings, let’s have a look at results already achieved globally. Every year more and more countries adopt new technologies to make their citizens’ lives more comfortable and open new opportunities to local companies.

Those already pursuing options of the digital future include Spain (Alastria ID), Estonia (e-Estonia), Norway (BankID), Germany (Verimi), Belgium (Itsme), Denmark (NemID) and Canada (Verified.Me by SecureKey Technologies Inc). These programs have different angles: some mostly cooperate with international companies and big corporations, others are focused on partnerships in the financial industry or work with small and medium enterprises.

Results achieved show that there are still multiple issues with personal data security and their fast processing. A case like this took place in October 2017 during the test run of the electronic public vote in Italy. Not only equipment costs were exceeded and processing of votes took more that expects, but calculation mistakes were suspected as well. In some countries, the e-voting was halted due to lack of trust from the public. This happened in Norway, Finland, Ireland, Netherlands and Germany. Switzerland case showed some critical errors in the voting program initial code.

This all means there are still multiple problems in the digital ID technology that need to be addressed. That is why WDIA supports the Multipass innovative technology, a solution based on the best cryptography achievements available. It helps storing encrypted data archive on a personalized device and use those data when interacting with banks, hotels, ticket bookings, government agencies, medical services, and more. This all is done with a unified verification mechanism and saves considerable time of every use. On top of that, Multipass has no geographic limitations, and it will be open for users all over the world. Looking forward, WDIA aims to become a link between companies, state agencies and people across the globe. Importantly, the technology is fully AML compliant and prevents faking or stealing personal data.

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