Types of biometric personality verification

More and more state agencies and private companies step away from paper based IDs and switch to modern technologies, like biometric identification. This is the best protection possible as every human being’s biometrics can’t be stolen or replicated.Here are several most popular ways:

Keyboard pressing

Computers can use special software to analyse the way keyboard keys are pressed to detect non-typical activities and patterns, thus preventing the crime.


Every person has his or her own unique fingerprint, that is why this way of recognition has become one of the most popular and widely spread. Computers or other devices can compare the fingerprint and geometry presented to the image saved in its database.

Iris Recognition

Second most popular recognition approach which is based on the analysis of human iris. The latter remains intact through every person’s life. This method is widely used in banks and other financial sectors due to its high speed and little rate of errors.

Facial checks

Every human looks unique, this is true even for twins, leave alone ‘similarly looking’ non-related people. Facial recognition devices can clearly prevent thefts.

Hand geometry

Somewhat extends the fingerprints method, using such parameters as finger length and palm width

Voice recognition

This technology measures and compares style of talking, sound frequency and the manner of speaking.

Biometrics based identification is used in our everyday lives for many years, and cell phones are a noticeable example. We believe that in the long run this technology would be build-in with nearly all areas of our activity.

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