WDIA team in Istanbul

WDIA team is in sunny Istanbul these days. Together with our Turkish colleagues, we are beginning an inspiring journey and launching an implementation of new personal data identification methods in Turkey’s tourism sector. Let’s have a quick recap of how thing look like in the country’s digital ID so far.

Personal identification in Turkey exists for decades. Already in 1976 the country covered all its population with personal IDs. There are two types of cards in Turkey, male citizens have blue coloured IDs, and those of women’s are in red.

Despite the fact that traditional personal IDs are still valid, in 2017 Turkish authorities announced an initiative to modernize the system. This step was a result of non-visa agreement between the country and EU.

New IDs are multipurpose, and can be used as a banking card, bus ticker or in international journeys. The device contains all biometric data and personal information, stored in digital form. That is why ID cards are fall under very strict security standards to prevent copying, falsification and faking. According to the website of the electronic system, those cards can keep up to 1GB of information including fingerprints and handprints of users.

This case clearly illustrates how technologies progress these days, and show importance of a changing approach towards up-to-date solutions. Many governments reflect these signs and provide proper care of their citizens’ needs and lives. WDIA Association can’t express anything but a complete approval and acclaim in this regard, and is ready to contribute to the future progress.

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